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Wadi Rum, an exceptional desert landscape in the South of Jordan, was registered on the UNESCO world heritage in 2011. Wadi Rum’s orange landscape contains extraordinary natural elements due to long-term geological processes, extending over several million years. Canyons, ochre mountains, gold sand dunes or red valleys, giving a majestic dimension to the landscape. People have lived in this hostile and magnificent desert environment for the past 12 000 years! The Nabatean temple, a 2000 years old temple, is located right here in our village.

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At first sight, wildlife seems to be absent in Wadi Rum, however, there are many rare sorts of plants and animals live there! The region is endowed with a unique fauna and flora, Wadi Rum is a protected area. The set up zoning system aims at protecting this fragile desert ecosystem. If you are lucky, sights of desert hares, small foxes and wildcats are possible around sunset and evenings. Furthermore, there are also lots of birds in Wadi Rum. The roselin of Sinai, which is the Jordan national bird,  is one example. Vultures, harriers and eagles occupy the territory of the high and vertiginous cliffs. Flowers and plants grow in Wadi Rum. They are all protected.

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While enjoying nature, choose between our circuits hikes, scrambling, climbing, circuits by Jeep, trek on camel back and even horse riding! The ever-changing orange landscapes in Wadi Rum will delight your senses . All our circuits in Wadi Rum are guided by local Bedouins who bring their ancestral knowledge of their land.

Our traditional camps in Wadi Rum have all amenities that you need: tents equipped with beds, a bathroom and a kitchen, and also a big traditional bedouin tent to enjoy meals.
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