• Wadi Rum

    Experience Up-Close ‘The Valley of the Moon’ – Terrific Terrains, Historic Architectures

  • Wadi Rum

    Colors Nation Jordan – Urban White Amman to Archaeological Pink Petra Site, Red Sea

  • Wadi Rum

    Explore the Location for Numerous Filming Locations Including 'Lawrence of Arabia'

  • Wadi Rum

    Your Grand Escape to The Stunning Sandstone Mountains, Marvelous Desert Valleys & More

Wadi Rum Tours

Half Day Jeep Tour

The jeep tours help you cover up and explore a lot of destinations and attractions in a very short span of time. The jeeps are modern, fully equipped vehicles,

Full Day Jeep Tour

When you are looking to soak in much of the sights, explore different locales and know and learn about the magnificent Wadi Rum, a full day jeep tour have

Full Day Hiking

Hiking is not just a great physical activity, but one that gets you explore the nature closely, bringing up challenges and thrill that are always adventurous to take on.

Camel Ride

Riding a camel is an altogether different and enjoyable experience. And what better way than doing this in their own backyard – a desert. Ride atop a domesticated and instruction


We bring to you the finest the Wadi Rum has to offer, enveloped in crafted packages – for every preference and taste. Custom tours befitting for families, groups and individuals taking you through the varied historic dessert, famous filming locations and much more the way you want – on jeep, camels, hiking, or by horse riding. Our jeeps are latest models with advanced features and large luggage capacity. These are designed for comfortable ride while sitting or standing in, through the dessert terrains, driven by experienced drivers.

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A spectacular location nestled in Jordan, the nation of colors; Wadi Rum is a designated UNESCO World Heritage Site since 2011. Full of exceptional dessert landscape, including mountains, dunes, canyons, arches, historic sites dating back thousand years, house of Lawrence of Arabia, old-time inscriptions – Nothing to miss about!

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Situated exclusively in a protected area in Wadi Rum, our camp offers a complete glance and easy access to whatever you want to experience in the region. Amenity-equipped 2 and 3-room tents with modern bathroom facility for your utmost comfort and convenience. Enjoy the Bedouin hospitality in a traditional style big tent with food and sitting facility, listen to Bedouin music sitting by the fire, or sleep under the stars with full bedding assistance – Choice is yours!

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