Hiking is one of the favorite outdoor activities for many people. It not only keeps you fit but also help you explore the nature up and close. And hiking in an area surrounded with gravity-defying sandstone rock formations, enveloped in an incredible desert landscape is a wonder in its own, one that will not only soothe your mind but will also fill your heart with startle and excitement.

This is what hiking and scrambling in the Wadi Rum is all about – an astonishing once-in-alifetime experience you won’t forget in your life.

You can reach the Wadi Rum village straight from the Visitor Center, a distance of 6km
from there, paying the entrance fee (free for Jordan Pass holders). Parking facility (charged 5JD per day) is also
available for people coming from their own cars at the village at the Resthouse.

Tour Program

Starting at 10am,

this tour brings to you the best hiking experience in the red desert, the entire experience covered by foot, starting in the morning and culminating in the evening with you all worked out from physical activity but fresh and rejuvenated inside.

  • In the morning, you will head for ascension to reach the top of the highest arch – Burdah Rock Bridge. This round trip takes about 3 hours to complete.
  • Starting by scrambling over pale yellow stones along with a short climb using ropes just before the arch, you reach the top and get an awe-inspiring view of the surroundings.
  • The afternoon session includes hiking along the Al Barrah Canyon or Infashieh Valley.

The guests are provided with a professional guide to take them on the hiking and scrambling tour. Lunch facility is available for the guests.

There is an additional activity provided to the guests, known as ‘Sandboarding’. They are provided with a snowboard to slide on sand dunes.

This tour also provides you the opportunity to walk along nice canyons, an easy level activity, which includes options such as Abu Rachaba or Al Barrah.

Price per Person (including lunch-box): :

  • 1 person: 90JD
  • 2 persons: 50JD
  • 3 persons: 45JD
  • 4 persons: 40JD
  • 5 – 6 persons: 35JD

If visitors arrive at the same time, tour will be shared in order to reduce costs.
Private tours upon request.