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Wadi Rum

Having earned the tag of a UNESCO World Heritage site in 2011, Wadi Rum has become a favorite for people looking to soak in the amaze of a historically and archeologically significant place as well as a stunning dessert landscape, coupled with marvelous old-age architectures.

Located in the South of Jordan, this place exhibits marvel and splendor wherever you look, being full of captivating mountains, red valleys, gold sand dunes, arches. Also known as ‘The Valley of the Moon’ human habitat here can be traced to 12,000 years ago, illustrated by archeological remains, inscriptions on various sites and extensive petroglyphs. A major traditional human contribution to this location is The Nabatean Temple, which dates back to around 2000 years old, sited right here in our village.

Not just vast sights of desserts and valleys, this place is also a good blend of flora and fauna, as you can spot some rare types of animals and plants here. With some patience and attention you can view wildcats, dessert hares and small foxes roaming around the area, usually in evening and sunset time. Wadi Rum is also a great place to spot different specie birds, including the Jornal national bird Roselin of Sinai. This fine ecological balance is another reason why Wadi Rum ecosystem is a fully protected zone.

The ever-changing orange landscape of Wadi Rum is itself a delight for the onlookers, one which will astonish your senses and mesmerize you.

We are here to make your experience standout and one that you will cherish forever and will want to visit again and again. While travelling through the terrains and exploring multiple sites and engaging in activities, brush up your knowledge of the region with local, ancestral-knowledge-equipped, experienced Bedouin guides.

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